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Hi 1.1.11 !
Sunday, January 2, 2011, 12:40 AM

First thing and for most, i would like to wish a very Happy new year to all :D i'm sorry if i've been neglecting my blog eversince last month. I promised, once my laptop is fine, i'll consistantly update if i have the time. Oh well, nobody is reading so forget it.

So hello 2011 and goodbye 2010. I've never complaint that 2010 has been a bitch to me. I'm still grateful that i'm still living comfortably with my lovelies around me. Shits did happened but still, life has to move on. No use to dwell over it. My last year resolution, i have achieved it :D That is, get 19 points and below for N level, grow longer hair, highlights, support family and lastly be with Alun. Yes! Alhamdullilah, i managed to get Alun met my sister, lol. For me, that's an achievement ok because .......... haha!

I'm glad i met a great bunch of people before my 2010 end. My colleagues, eventhough i'm not those party type girl, i still love hanging out with them. You know, its hard for a First Try Work Nerdy Girl to mixed around :P HAHA! throughout 2010, i cherished every single bits of my secondary four moments because i know we might not meet EVERYONE this year. It has been proven, we all gonna be separated. Singapore is High-tech so no use for me to say " don't forget me " because we can still communicate with each other. " Nawaitu yang penting "

As for my girls, i've nothing to say. See you soon Farah): i shall try not to be nasty this year.

My family, yes i admit we've overcome such circumstances. I'm glad to have parents that keep on trying to find a way out. Insya'allah by the mid of this year, we'll be find. I can only support them from the back (: Mama and me planned to go on a holiday next year once everything is under control. Once i've moved to New Home :D can't wait! i'll be near to Alun as well :D It saddened me though, hearing mama telling me she is trying to save up more money for this and that. Trying not to buy unneccessary things. Papa said " Once you've your license, i'll get you a car " wait.... " you can use my name, i mean. " haha! Having sister and brothers that cared for me eventhough they're busy with work and friends, i appreciate their hardwork.

My one and only dearest boy, Alun. The very first time we went out on eve together yesterday. The very first time i'm going to school alone): You know its hard but we are striving for our dreams. I really hope you'll get into the diploma that you really wanted. Yesterday you pulled me forward and walk with me and said,

Me : i'm sorry i can't stay till countdown. you should know why. not the time for me yet as my house is far from here and i have no transport to get home.
A: it's okay, i understand. me too, i pity mama at home. no worries ok? one year plus later, we do not have to worry all this. everything will be on plan.

well, he specificly said what is the plans but i shall just keep it a secret :D My new year resolutions gonna be :

HEHE! yeah, i'm motivated. i really hope i can focus more on what i should be focusing and not be distracted with such minor problems. hehe, i've started my dance practice and i'm gonna invite parents and Alun for this SYF :D

This year will just be a serious year for myself with a little entertainment! I shall stop enjoying for now because i already been going out for the past three months, NON STOP till i gone bankrupt! haha. my hair is black now which means i'm ready for school, NOT. haha! oh well,i'm gonna stay home tomorrow with family! it has been long time since we last have a family reunion): i envy you Alun. you are busy fishing and picnic with family at dam, envy you! hehe.

Alright shut up mira, Goodnight!

no speak americano!
Monday, December 20, 2010, 11:22 PM

Helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I MISS YOU MS BLOGGY :D sorry that i abandon you for a long time. Laptop is sick and no internet @ home.

Firstly, Alhamdullilah i managed to be promoted to sec 5 or H.Nitec.After a long time thinking of which path i should go, decided to continue sec 5. I have no choice as i didn't met the requirement for my English. I got c5 and that's bad. haha!My points isn't that good but Alhamdullilah atleast i get into sec 5. Told mama and she's okay with my decision as she don't mind(: i'll try my luck to get into poly and if not i'll choose the longer route to poly. its okay for me(: my dearest boyfriend scored well for his mathematics and all of his subject eventhu he wasn't the top but i know he did quite well. i'm proud of his achievement. Hopefully you'll keep on striving for excellence k dear? don't get influence too easily. We will be supporting each other as we both have our dreams to go for. Diploma ITE and Diploma Poly(: Insya'allah..

so yeah i've quit my job a week ago. i'm just too lazy to travel to the workplace as i'm having personal problems at that moment. plus lazy to keep myself attractive.. i guess i quit at the right time. mama got her job which is so relaxing! and papa has already started his job. Alhamdullilah, everything has been going smoothly. Hopefully this will stay till the end of our life. I can't wait to get our own house @ Yishun! its either in the mid of next year or when i'm turning 18(: by then, i'm free from secondary(:

so far, in facebook. people has been saying about the courses they choose. i'm jealous! they are officially graduated while some of us ? haha. nevermind, for the sake of our future. we're gonna mug hard next year, insya'allah. that'll be my resolution for 2011.

so on the 17th, after results. people kept on texting and calling me asking about my result. i shared my joy with them(: the first one to know is mama followed by boyfriend and the rest :D mama nearly cried on the phone, cause she couldn't believe it i managed to get it through. so do boyfriend. i went home straight, boyfriend too. talked to mama and i got ready by 9pm, went out to meet boyfriend and paneer @ Adm. went to farah's chalet. we walked. i felt so happy eventhough my mind wasn't at ease due to the decision that i was still pending on that moment.. i had fun with the guys and few girls :D went to Pasir ris Swan with the guys and its scary shit! haha i kept quiet all the way till all the guys escort me from left right back front. hahah! i'm a scary cat! then didi opened up this '' we no speak americano '' song and the guys started to dance and i was like wth? haha! sorry, mira kental. haha. overall i had fun with them! we played story line games in the dark cause we were so bored. we make out jokes and all. damn hilarious! we went to the beach at 5am to get the wind and it was freaking cold, serious. hehe.

soon i'll be going for cca practices. bohoo! haha. tomorrow gonna go beach with sis and her guyfriends. can't wait! need a new fresh skin for myself :D need to dye black and buy books for next year :D can't wait! Bismillah (:

Goodnight and i really can't wait for 2012! (:

Friday, November 19, 2010, 2:15 PM

Its all out. The bomb has exploded and acid has been added to it to make it worser. It make me sad seeing someone i truly love has been disappointed. I've never ever think that we will go this way. But i'm grateful to have a mother like you that has a strong will and smart. You are doing things that is the best for us. Be it the new family member or us. Only her could not read your intention. The moment your tears started to swell down upon your cheeks, it makes me mad. We have never did such ungrateful things towards you before, even him.

Yes you're really prepared Mama. Prepared for the worst, i admire that. Throughout my 16 years of living, i've learned a lot during this stage. Mama Papa, we will be going nowhere if you are not here with us.

I'm tearing up now. Its all because of her. Her bad intention. So are you still saying that i'm bad now? Face yourself first. Now you get it from her, get it right that you're too much. You're being selfish right now. Fucking selfish, in the first place brother shouldn't be with you. But since things has happened, we can't go agaisnt the fate. You should at least be grateful. Grateful that you have a shelter to live in. Its my lovely two soul that helped you out. Getting you out from the trap, giving you solutions. But whats now?

FML please. I love my family very much):

Salam Aidiladha!
Thursday, November 18, 2010, 11:35 PM

Its been like more than a month i guess ever since i last blog here? MISS YOU BLOGGY!

Well, i have been busy with work recently. My off day was spend with either my girlfriends, mama or bf :D Work? I won't say much because there's too many things happened in a day. Alhamdullilah, i managed to overcome every single things that happened on each day. Alhamdullilah, i controlled my emotions and always look on the brighter note. Since its my very virgin first job ever in my life, it has been good with the colleagues i had at the outlets. Seems like we all came from different world. haha, i know it is so not me to be those types of girls. But who cares, i'm living my own life now :D

My first pay is almost finish. Not so much cause its just two weeks pay. I spend most of the money for family(: can't wait for end of year, shopping with bf! Gonna get a few of new stuff for we both :D

Been spending most of my off days with girlfriends and we hang out every of my off days, going arcade, hang out, karaoke all. Sis has never stop fetching me from whereever i was. Be it afternoon or night time. Finally, i managed to make bf meet with sis :D its the first for him, bit by bit ok? Before alun start on his new job, he used to fetched me whenever i'm in morning shift. Never failed to make me better<3>

He fetched me from Jurong early in the morning just to get to spend more time with me. Finally breakfast with him again after a long time. Gosh. Everything went fine until something caught up his mood and it has ruined our catching session. But i get to share with him everything i wanted to but not so satisfying! Oh oh, he sang and i melted (:

OUT FROM THAT TOPIC. something is just bothering me lately. I've started to hate coming back home eventhough i feel it's the best place to sneak in. I hate to be accused of what i didn't meant to do. The feeling is sucks like as if i'm a kid to just utter such words. Now we are like a stranger living under the same unit. shitzzzzzz. can't wait till i'm 18 and we're out from here and off to Khatib. Near with all my beloved<3>

No matter how things gone wrong, Insya'allah i'll be able to cope and not to pressure myself cause i've learned that every problems has its own solution and have to be positive and confident :D remember that ok? Tomorrow will be going to Nyp Production, impossible that i'll miss it cause i've been attending the production eversince 2008? Gotta meet my ladies tomorrow evening! and gonna start my work after a long off for myself. haha! i asked for it. A Mc, morning shift, wed off till friday. haha too much eh?

Will be on the phone with Sirah and off to sleep. Miss you Muhd Hairul B Muhd Suwandi<3

They said i brainwashed him.
Saturday, October 16, 2010, 11:31 PM

Few days spend with you wasn't enough for me. But i know there'll be more to come. I know you don't feel comfortable with me around you, nevermind i get it. I won't say much because i have no rights to say anything.

Few days ago, i had lunch with kartina and her two guy friends. some words he said has made me realize something.

" rimas berkepit hari-hari " haha. same old reasons. You admit it too. I'm really lost for words.

Enough! This week i've been constantly going out which tires me out. Wednesday, i went out to accompanied Bf to shopping, well not really shopping i should say. Because nothing interests him. He bought ripcurl flipflop and a pair of black cargo(he bought for me too). We had our lunch together at Swensen. Like finally i had it with him? After a year? haha. Went from one places to another places. Did we had our dinner? I forgot. But i must say, i ate alot. With him around, for sure i won't starve :D

The next day off to Job hunting with Kart :D hugged her when we met. Off to town first. Went to A LOT OF SHOPS, LIKE REALLY A LOT UNTIL WE FORGOTTEN WHICH SHOP WE WENT. But we managed to get into 1 interview and applied 1 form. BORING! We really wanna work at either Accesorize or River Island. Lunch at far east with her guy friends. Then continue job hunting(after her guy friends went off), still no news. Then waited for Kas, Nadiah and Fatin, accompany them job hunt too. It was like around 6 plus? Me and Kart were feeling very restless. So around 6pm, me and Kart went off first. I met sis and her? idk. Went for Pertapis meeting until 930pm. Had to do some work for the Event on saturday(yesterday). Got prank calls from this Nas whatever shit. Get to know from Bf today that it was his idea, he told his friend, Nasri to call me up and prank. It was because, i didn't attend to his messages on time. TSK! Irritated but cute. haha. Back to topic, sleepover at Sis house because the night was getting late. Boonlay is not a safe place for me to go home ALONE. haha. A lot of banglas.

The next morning, went home around 7am, go out together with Sis because she need to go to work. Reached home and i took a nap till 11 ? Get ready and went out to meet Bf and friends. I got frustrated at first because of the weather, headaches, no aircon in the mrt and i have to walk to the middle track just to meet them =.= THE BEGINNING SUCKS. Bf adding on to it! But we're okay while in the train. Off to Cineleisure to get a ticket for Child's eye? I SWEAR THE SOUND EFFECT SCARES ME OUT OF SHIT BUTTTTT! THE STORYLINE IS A TOTAL CRAP! hahaha seriously. They can do much better than that =.= before movie, had lunch at KFC. and off to window shop a while and i swear i want that fox rockstar jacket and tshirt! Gonna get it with Bf. After movie went to Far east to accompany Bf shopping if i'm not wrong it was already night? Ok yey! he got one tshirt which WE both like :D Chill for a while outside Far East and off home.

Yesterday night i was so damn stressed up. Sigh, wish me luck on Monday and i really hope i'll get a job ASAP, LIKE REALLY ASAP?

Helped out during pertapis event today. It was at LagunSari Hotel. MANY TO SAY, I HAD FUN HELPING OUT:D i thought of buying some stuff at Bugis alone but since Bf wanna have dinner with me, i went to meet him for a while and had Pastamania. Baked rice for two wasn't satisfying but Alhamdullilah, it filled up my empty stomach. Had ice cream with him after that and off home. I laughed a lot and entertain Bf's lame jokes, haha. Oh ya, his friend was there after we had our dinner.

I'm so sleepy. I HAVE to stay at home tomorrow. Need a plenty of sleep as the next day, i'll be job hunting again for the last time if not i'll end up be a babysitter at home. But mama going to pay me, haha. Sound funny and awkward.